I’m Starting a Podcast!

 My love affair with, and 1000s of hours of listening to podcasts with the likes of Mike Hurley, Marco Arment, Federico Vitiici and others has finally inspired me to start my own podcast.  

Being in a position where I am still learning development,  but hold a part time job in the field as well  as a full time job in another area, I have ample questions for the developers you see and hear today on the likes of Instagram, Twitter, Medium and Spectrum; and some you may not hear everyday. As well as being a tech enthusiast, I want to cover the likes of technology today in 2018 and beyond, gender equality in tech, current tech trends and honestly just have a good laugh with folks. 

I have always wanted to get into podcasting, and honestly I’ve never really had the confidence for it (probably still don’t to be honest….) . But I am passionate about technology and development, so I believe it should be a good mix!
Aside from the nerves, I am working on currently getting my podcast art finished by a local artist, intro music sorted, as well as have a few interesting guests lined up to start (so far so good on this front!).

Fingers crossed, I should be able to post the first episode to Overcast, Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts by the middle of May…. 


Keep watching this space! The episodes will be on my site as well (YAY Squarespace for Hosting podcasts SUPER Simply!!!!)  

Sam Toohey Written by:

Sam is a self taught Developer, focusing on Web Technologies and E-Commerce. He is also an avid writer, blogger and gamer. You can commonly see Sam toying around with web technologies or working on his Podcast, Markup.

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