Serif Launches Affinity Designer for the iPad

Affinity Designer is one of my favourite programs on Windows.
You don’t get Sketch, and if you dont want to pay for Adobe XD (there is a free tier now), there are few decent alternatives that offer as well featured and well supported programs like Serif has with Designer.

The Affinity suite stands to compete with the likes of Illustrator, Photoshop and Pixelmator. High quality photo editing for those who dont want to fleshout monthly fees for being able to design, draw, or edit photos.
The iPad has always been a creative tool and with the iPad Pro this has gone to a new level. Serif has their Affinity Photo app on the iPad already and the app is beautiful, functional and well made. Throwing their hat into the design ring, they now offer a very slick Graphic Design app that is a very smooth alternative to many other apps Graphic Design apps that exist on the platform already. Being accounced as well a day ago Adobe is apparently bringing Photoshop to the iPad. So the space is heating up for decent competition for apps like this, and Serif has gotten in first to stake their claim. Rather than bring a less than functional version of their app over and splitting it up into 3 or 4 different apps, they have done their best to port a near desktop version over to a mobile OS.

From watching videos and hands on reviews, the app has alot of the existing features that desktop app has. Such as fully customisable shapes, different shades of pens, layering. text input, colour gradients, as well as keeping the Pixel, Draw and Export personas which function as sub-menus to keep the interface minimal and functional, as well as keep appropriate tasks in the right areas.
The app also has intiuitive touch gestures, so for those who are coming from a desktop machine, the controls are looking like somewhat less of a learning curve than one would imagine moving to an iPad for your Graphic Design workflow.

A cherry on the cake? Serif is offering a 30% discount on their software suite as a bonus for the software being released! Who wouldnt want 30% off some slick software!??

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