Audio Technica ATH SR6BTBK Review – Quality Bluetooth Headphones Entirely worth the price.

Bluetooth Headphones are honestly a godsend, and gone are the days where people can say “I have the luxury of owning a pair”, as nowadays the finding a set that suits your budget is made so much easier by the likes of Amazon, Ebay, or Retailers showcasing less common brands in conjunction with more common and expensive ones.

Whilst I was in the US, I had the luxury of exposing myself to the dense and expansive catalog of the behemoth American and picked up a pair of headphones that are in Australia ranging around the $450 mark (links below if you want to pick them up), and in amongst the Clif bars and MacBook Pro stickers, I think I have found a seriously compelling buy.
Considering that these are a high-quality pair of cans, the review will be reviewed at a tone that analyses them as such, a $400 plus pair of headphones tiered to be an alternative to the Beats and Sol Republic competitors.


The unboxing experience is simple and includes a lot for the money. Inside the box are the headphones, a black pouch to keep the headphones in, a MicroUSB cable and a 3.5mmm Headphone cable with an inline audio controller. The Headphones on the left side have the MicroUSB port, the audio controller for Stop, Start & skipping tracks, and the input for the 3.5mm jack; as well as the subtle LED for charging, Bluetooth Connectivity status and low battery.
On the right side is the on/off switch for the Bluetooth functionality.

In the past, I have used a pair of Monster Inspirations, massive & expensive cans that are super high quality and feature noise cancellation; however over long periods they make my Ears ache and after they started tearing in the right ear cup after 5 years of ownership, I didnt seek to repair them; but replace them.
A necessity for headphones for me is use for long periods of time. Whether its in a train commute, walking around the city or at my desk, If I cant wear them for more than 4 to 8 hours at a time and my ears are still A-OK at the end, then its a pass.
The Good news to this is I got to test them on a 2 hour flight from Omaha to LAX, then in LAX for 4 hours while I waited for my flight and then the majority of a 14 Hour flight from LAX to Brisbane (I didn’t get to use them on my final leg from Brisbane to Sydney due to space in the seat); and they 100% hold up. For most of the time I was on Bluetooth and I had charged them the day before. Near the end of the LAX to Brisbane leg the battery died and I swapped over to the 3.5mm audio jack and just kept on going. The Longevity of these headphones is amazing. 

The Headphones are sleek and minimalist, definitely not over the top

Sound Quality and Performance

Aside from longevity, the sound quality of these headphones is quite decent too. A Pair of 40mm drivers runs these cans and produces some good sounding highs and mids, but very minimal bass. 
As a Podcast enthusiast, these are great for spoken word; but if you are wanting these for deeper sounding tones and solid bass then its probably best to look elsewhere.

That is my only gripe with the headphones, the lack of bass (and charging through MicroUSB!). Otherwise the headphones supply quality sound for an excellent price.
I have even tried them with some Mobile games, YouTube, NetFlex and some PlanetSide 2 for a full audio test with Bluetooth and 3.5mm line in, and these definitely tick boxes for a solid all rounder pair of headphones that have very minimal drawbacks.

Bluetooth connection wise, these headphones hold a solid and reliable connection to most devices. I have seen a bit of interference on my Mac machine, but I havent seen it on my Windows PC or Phone so it may purely be an issue with my Mac and not the headphones themselves.
Pairing to multiple devices though is an absolute pain. Many times I have tried to pair them to my Phone, but only to find them still connected right off the bat from just being on for a few seconds to my Macbook Pro. Likewise with connecting to my MBP, they’re on my phone or tablet still.  

The AT logo on the side of the aluminium finish is subtle and very professional looking


As a whole, these are a great set of headphones that have decent sound quality and are very durable and reliable for the time I have had them. The carry bag and their flexibility makes them a viable solution for throwing a good pair of cans in a handbag or a Backpack, and the carry bag makes carrying the accessories (and even a small portable battery to charge them) even more of a compelling reason to buy them.
If you don’t mind average bass, then these are definitely worth considering for your next set of headphones.


  • Great build, super comfortable to wear for long periods 
  • Excellent sound for Podcasts, Audio Books, Games and music with minimal bass
  • Bluetooth connection is reliable


  • MicroUSB charging is annoying, why cant things just all be USB-C
  • Minimal Bass on the headphones can have a disappointing bass experience.
  • Pairing to multiple devices is a pain

I purchased these from Amazon US here
If you’re based outside of the US you can get them herewith my affiliate link!

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