Brydge announce launch & pre-order for the new ipad pro keyboards

It is fairly clear in the tech sphere that Brydge makes excellent keyboards for iPads, Surface Products, and the Pixel Slate.
I have tried the smaller keyboard for the iPad Air, and it has the best typing experience I had for a third party keyboard aside from Apple’s own Magic Keyboard at the time.
There have been some hit and miss with the Brydge keyboards originally having some Bluetooth connectivity issues on earlier models, however as of late 2018, that seems to have been figured out (You can listen to Upgrade on Relay FM to see Jason Snell and Myke Hurley discuss these in-depth on Episode 220, and Episode 219. 

In an email to subscribers this morning, Brydge has announced that on January 8th 11:30PST (or 5:30am January 9th AEST), iMore will have an exclusive hands-on through their Instagram live page, and Pre-Orders will commence for the new keyboards. In November last year, Brydge did tease the new design for the iPad Pro keyboard to fit the new 11-inch size and the revised 12-inch size which look to smoothly adjust the clamps to sit on corners of the thinner bezels of the iPad and apparently grip harder as well.

According to their email, the prices will be $149 USD ($209 AUS) for the 11-inch and $199 ($279 AUS) for the 12-inch model, which are a cheaper offering to Apple’s own folio keyboard which is notably more expensive than the Brydge offering – starting at $269AUD for the 11-inch Model and $299 AUD for the 12-inch Folio.
I ordered my iPad Pro the other day and have opted for the 11-inch model (my older iPad was a 10.5 Model and I’m comfortable with that size), so I am definitely looking to pick one of these up on Pre-Order.
You can check Brydge’s Instagram here for the live stream on 5:30am January 9th AEST Or Tuesday 8th 11:30am PST

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