Elder Scrolls Blades starts roll out today

Bethesda’s previously accounced mobile based game based in the Elder Scrolls universe, Elder Scrolls Blades, has started its slow release out in the beta period for those folks who signed up for early access preview.

After a somewhat poor reception of a new Diablo game, Diablo: Immortal, based entirely on mobile from Blizzard at last year’s E3, as well as Fallout: 76’s rough start and poor upgrades post launch, Blades faces a potential lackluster launch to an audience that is growing more and more determined to get their hands on an Elder Scrolls 6 game, rather than a mobile counterpart.

Bethesda also already has their popular card game Elder Scrolls Legends, which is a direct competitor to Hearthstone by Blizzard and a number of iOS/Android Magic: The Gatheringgames.

I got to sample part of the beta before I could access the entire verion available, and the controls seemed fairly straight forward, however I tried it on a 11 Inch iPad Pro, and having only sampled one combat mechanic so far, slashing, it seems the game is better suited for a smaller screen.

As things get further along I will sample who the full beta handles.

You can see my initial preview below.

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