Episode 1: Gender equality and Ketchup conversations with Tara Hackley

The first Episode!!! On this episode we have Tara Hackley, a Full Stack Developer and passionate voice in the gender equality debate.

We talk about everything from how she got started, right through to Ketchup….

The episode has a few kinks in recording, and should be worked out next episode! So drop me line @samthenerdguy on instagram for some feedback or email me [email protected]

Intro Music by Alex Stoner from Take Tones.com

Cover Art by @madiryanart (https://www.instagram.com/madiryanart/) on instagram

Sam Toohey Written by:

Sam is a self taught Developer, focusing on Web Technologies and E-Commerce. He is also an avid writer, blogger and gamer. You can commonly see Sam toying around with web technologies or working on his Podcast, Markup.

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