Tech Projects

I am a self-taught web developer & IT Nerd…

A desire to learn to code, build super sweet websites and launch myself into the IT space, took me down Udemy Courses and plenty of prototype websites. I have also been working with computers since a very young age, in a variety of areas from custom building to Business CRM Solutions.
I have dipped my feet into primarly vanilla areas of web development, with some focuses on traditonal websites, through some courses and University I am evolving my knowledge on JavaScript, C# (and ASP.NET) and PHP.

Recently I have retaken up C# study and I am progressing down a path of games development study.

Some Sites I have built and worked on in 2018
Some Projects I am actively Working on
  • My GitHub
  • Google Home Pizzeria Bot, designed to order pizza from your favourite local Pizza shop (In working state on GitHub with no Payment Backend currently enabled)
  • A Flexbox Image Grid for Shopify Websites (Graphic Portfolio)
  • SinglePage Flex site for an easy design site
  • BetaBot a Bot for Twitch Stream management (version 0.5. Planning releasing for mixer)