Markup Podcast [Off Air]

My Interest In Podcasts and then making one

My work on the podcast has stopped due to time constraints and other responsibilities.
The entire feed is available here on the website.

Episode 1: Gender equality and Ketchup conversations with Tara Hackley
Episode 2: Imposter Syndrome, Google IO and Responsible AI with Glen Burnett
Episode 3: [Sidenote Segment] GraphQL, learning JavaScript and Procrastination
Episode 4: Blockchain, Startups and the future of the Blockchain space with Steve McGarry
Episode 5: Amazon Alexa, Smart Home Hardware and Microsoft Acquiring GitHub with Nazariy Dumanskyy
Episode 6: Imposter Syndrome, Facebook and keeping Organised with Tara Hackley! – Markup Podcast
Episode 7 – E-Commerce and Remote Working in the WordPress Community – Markup Podcast
Episode 8 – The Lost Episode
Episode 9 – Resources for Learning the Development Ropes – Markup Podcast
Episode 10 – Trying to learn new things – Markup Podcast
Episode 11 – The Front End Session

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I have always wanted to start my own Podcast, I have listened to podcasts since early 2013. From the likes of Mike Hurley and Jason Snell of Upgrade, through to Marco Arment, Casey Liss and John Siracusa.
I have listened to quality shows all these years, and finally inspired (and summoned the courage enough) to make my own!

So, now I talk weekly with guests about technology and whats going on in the Developer/Tech Space! Markup now has Chris Leah, a work colleague and friend, now as co-host! Which has been an great content shift for the show!

The podcast started as an idea to pull together influencers, developers, designers and remote workers from the internet sphere, and collaborate and comment in a space where we can talk about what is going on in technology, the developer space and working in tech & the remote space. 
The podcast, much like a lot of what I do, is a continuous work in progress and your feedback is always appreciated.

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