Migration to New Podcast Host (with plenty of learning curves)

So at this point, my newest Episode of Markup is done!
The sad point, is that I have to restart the feed and re-upload the old episodes.

Why? I previously hosted on Squarespace, so was the blog and my portfolio. One of the things I have been working on the last few weeks is migrating everything to WordPress! 
A upside of this is a new podcast host, which is Blubrry (and the plugin by PowerPress) it provides me options for more professional analytics, hosting options for the episodes and a host of other options.

Downside? Well because I jumped the and migrated everything, the old Squarespace site’s RSS feed doesn’t exist anymore. The options?? RESET THE FEED!!
I have worked the last few weeks working on seeing if I can think of other options to avoid this and the blame lies with Squarespace. But it gives me an opportunity to work on resetting the feed, cleanly re-upload everything and have a far more productive and customisable experience with Podcasting!
The new episode should still be up on time (9am AEST, 6PM CDT), but potentially may be a day late, as I essentially have to go through the entire setup process again, which includes headbutting iTunes Connect into submission to get the new RSS feed over the line.

I’d like to thank everyone who has subscribed to the old feed, and I would like to hope you all subscribe to the new one (I’ll be spamming it everywhere) and follow me on the next step of my Podcasting Journey! 

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Sam is a self taught Developer, focusing on Web Technologies and E-Commerce. He is also an avid writer, blogger and gamer. You can commonly see Sam toying around with web technologies or working on his Podcast, Markup.

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