PaperLike review for iPad Pro 11 Inch

The iPad Pro’s have revolutionised how mobile computing works over the years. Apple has squashed competitor tablets of the Android variety, and made their hardware so powerful they are now reaching the limit as to what iOS can do for the Tablet, and if Apple don’t start iterating on the software to further develop the future of the iPad, the Pro area of the product line could very well become questioned if it really is “Pro” anymore.

That aside, if you find that you own one of the new iPad Pros or an older one, there are a few little necessities that every user should get:

1) A solid Case
2) A solid keyboard if possible, or Apple’s Smart Keyboard cover
3) A great screen protector

Screen Protectors as a whole can be a mixed bag, too cheap and it’s a lump of plastic or glass on your screen that can impede your usage, too expensive and folks just wont buy them unless they can turn your screen into being as strong as the man of steel.

I think I have found the goldilocks however of all screen protectors – PaperLike’s screen protector.

Paperlike started life funded on KickStarter, and has been seen globally by those who are generally heavy duty users of their iPads and want a paper style feel to writing and drawing on their iPads. 
Well, needless to say its mission accomplished. The PaperLike screen protector, once applied, is incredibly smooth on touch and smooth on use with a Pencil.

I cant draw well on glass, or draw well period, but I have slowly been getting into drawing my own Sprites & concept art of a project I am working on, so have been learning to do and I have to say the feel & accuracy on using the PaperLike over normal glass is phenomenal. 

PaperLike being used on an iPad Pro 11. Sorry for not horizontal video

have a view below on how it sounds, but using the Apple Pencil on the PaperLike makes it sound just like you are using artists paper out of an ArtBook and very fine pencils.
I owned a Derwent set of pencils when I was younger and drawing paper gifted by my parents and the feel and style of drawing with them has always stuck with me. This feels the same, but instead of 100 Pencils, you have 1 pencil being able to be 100, and 1 piece of glass, converted to a piece of paper able to be an entire artbook, whenever, where ever.

PaperLike also make the screen protector easy to apply as well. The videos online, as well as the included guide in the packaging are easy to follow and really ensure that users who aren’t confident at applying screen protectors (like me) can really apply it safely & accurately to get the most out of the protector.
The only negative I would say is the “polarized” sheen that occurs on the screen now when viewing content. The protector doesn’t change the colour the display puts out, so not darker or lighter or off coloured, however; there is an odd sheen that is applied  that on top of the colours from the iPad display, that can be a bit of getting used to when using it. After around a week, I forgot it was even there but figured it was worth mentioning.There isn’t much that can compete with the PaperLike Screen protector, the feel and the abilities that the screen protector touts cant really be matched in the current market, and its use case is fairly straight forward. There are a few cheaper alternatives and plenty of knockoffs that try to do what PaperLike does, but doesn’t hold up to the quality of the PaperLike protector.
I tried 2 other protectors before buying the PaperLike, and it is true what they say, third time is the charm.

I would recommend this to any buddying artist or writing aficionado. The feel and comfort the protector gives you does do what it says on the tin, and I can defiantly feel my writing skill as improved compared to writing on glass. Even my touch typing since it’s a more coarse surface to touch than glass, but still feels accurate and smooth all the while.

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