Real Estate Project Theme

Version 0.5 – Currently under development for Freelance use

I have designed & created a Real Estate theme that is to the point and customizable that is heavily adaptable to a multitude of styles of agencies, from solo operations to smaller agencies. It is light weight and heavily modular for property use.

There are currently 2 versions a Dark theme based on Storefront, and a custom white version being worked on for the 1.0 release.

The theme is centered around the focus on the listings, and as no dummy data is included outside of the sample properties, I haven’t been able to showcase the about us page. However, the theme can be adjusted to showcase the agency’s staff and their contact details to maximize customer contact (This is why the My Profile section is currently empty. 1.0 will reflect more useful dummy data).

I designed this theme more for use with real estate project sites, so if you have a large group of apartments, and need a full website to handle the project, this theme would be ideal to showcase the project.

It is also fully GA usable, as well as is configured to store all data from the forms for further inquiries/callbacks and can have the data exported to as a .CSV for use in third party Real Estate Database programs.

Pipeline components for 1.0 Release

  • Larger banner image on landing
  • About Us Dummy data
  • Lazy loaded list view with less visible sharing options on the main pages, and more sharing individual listings
  • Colour overhaul.