TopHatch, Concepts App Developer, is Finally bringing their app to Android

I have used Concepts on iOS for years, and I covered the 1.0 release on this blog for the Windows version, and finally, I’m happy to see that there is an Android version coming very soon.

Pseudo announced on stage at the MadeByGoogle event, and a tweet accompanying the news on the 9th as well with a sign up form. TopHatch officially sent confirmation emails out to their email followers this afternoon US time. 

Concepts on Android would be a wonderful addition to a somewhat lacking amount of high-quality drawing apps. 
There are a few decent apps, like Autodesk Sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator draw, and Sketch to name a few, however, there are few that have the audience and the feature set the Concepts has. You can see on the Windows version alone, what TopHatch can bring to porting their apps to other platforms, which gives me hope as to the quality and features that should be available in a 1.0 Release.
Further to a previous post, I made on the quality of Chrome OS and the Pixel Slate, I believe Chrome OS is the definite future of Google’s Mobile productivity machine. 
Having a compelling drawing app on the platform I would hope to entice other users from iOS and Windows slates to consider using Chrome OS and  all the abilities it possesses, from Linux console use, right through to more advanced Android apps.

As the ecosystem grows, companies like TopHat are showing that the platform is still a product and capable platform to develop on and bring higher quality apps too. Serif bringing their apps (Affinity Photo & Designer) to iOS is a key example of that companies recognition of the power of portable computing. If they added their apps to Android for use on Tablets and Chrome OS, then this would definitely help open up more desktop based developers to bring high-quality ports to mobile OS’s (hopefully ChromeOS/Android, but more than likely iOS first, then Android).

I have signed up for a beta test, so as soon as I can get my hands on this I will give it a full breakdown and test of what the features are like in a pre 1.0 version.

2 thoughts on “TopHatch, Concepts App Developer, is Finally bringing their app to Android”

  1. Hi Sam,

    I was hoping to read about differences between Concepts and Affinity from your experience. What’s your appreciation of these two apps, compared?
    I just bought Concepts because I want to start using a modern vector drawing app. I’m a Naval Engineer so it will mostly be technical, not (really) artistic. And with just an iPad, not an iPad Pro, I can use the Adonit bluetooth pen which works reasonably well. (Not as good as my Wacom for my workstation off course, but then it would be better to switch to an iPad Pro).

    But a short time later I read about Affinity which seems very nice. It doesn’t seem to support the Adonit pen though. But it’s also available for Windows.

    Now I’m in doubt of which app to use… Gaining experience takes time so I don’t want to make the wrong choice. I would appreciate reading your opinion.

    Kind regards,
    Jan van Bergen

    • Hey Jan!
      Firstly thanks for the comment on the post 🙂
      I am by no means a designer, but from a bit of experience in these apps, I would recommend starting with Concepts (which is cheaper, Free) and seeing if can use that to your full potential. Concepts has an (arguably) shorter learning curve depending on what other software you are coming from.
      I read this piece a few years ago from an Australian Architect who started using Concepts to go paperless.

      The great thing about Concepts is that it is free to start to play with and you can get add on packs to expand your resources and tools, or you can get a subscription for the entire Concepts app and every model, pen, brush and 3D model folks have designed for the app.

      If you have the budget, Affinity Designer (and it’s accompanying book) can be a super powerful illustration and design tool to have. If you ever decide to upgrade to a newer 2018 iPad with Apple Pencil support or an iPad Pro these apps utilise the apple pencil in every way possible 🙂

      I hope this helps! Best of luck in your Naval Engineering!


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